Peter Nitz

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Beauty and craftsmanship, inimitability, and rich tradition.

Peter Nitz strives to create unique handcrafted leather goods from the best available materials with the utmost precision, dedication, and passion.

Handcrafted from the finest exotic skins, saddle stitched with linen thread, and embellished with fine jewelry, Peter Nitz bags have an extraordinary and sophisticated aesthetic.

During the entire design process, numerous factors contribute to the outcome of the final piece. Once the initial design is conceived a pattern is made. Prototypes are then hand sewn, carefully considered, and perfected, before creating the final bag.

Each exotic skin is unique in size and pattern of scales, therefore hand-selection is necessary in order to create the perfect union between design and material.

The vintage fine jewelry used on Peter Nitz Masterpiece bags, globally sourced through traditional auction houses and private collectors, are one of a kind pieces. Their selection requires the same careful consideration and sensitivity that is given to the design and choice of leather.

Selecting only the finest materials, every step is executed by hand, employing the centuries old technique of saddle stitching and using traditional leather crafting tools.

The collections

The Atelier collection includes classic Peter Nitz designs which can be special ordered in the desired skin and color to fulfill the customers individual needs and wishes...resulting in a truly bespoke piece.

The Masterpiece collection combines exquisite fine jewelry from the past with exclusive exotic skins from the present to create a one of a kind piece of art that endures for all time.

Each piece comes in its own handmade, leather-covered drawered box with a customized handle made from the body material of the bag.