Peter Nitz

Portrait of Peter Nitz

Peter Nitz was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He attended college in Indiana prior to moving to Chicago to join an auction house as Assistant Director of Acquisitions. During this time in Chicago, his eye for quiet luxury was nurtured through his focus on fine European antiques and understated modern design, laying the foundation for the strong attention to detail and quality that defines his work today.

In 1997, Europe, with its bountiful antiques and time-honored traditions of craftsmanship, beckoned and Peter Nitz made the move to Zurich, Switzerland. The continent’s fascinating flea markets and antiques fairs inspired him to concentrate on discovering the skills of artisans whose hand-made creations remained timeless. He spent his evenings crafting jewelry, clothing, ceramics and furniture, pursuing a desire to produce pieces of superb design and quality. A weekend trip to Paris marked what Peter Nitz refers to as his «kismet encounter»: in search of the perfect wallet, he had the good fortune of meeting a retired craftsperson from Hermes, the fabled French luxury leather goods house. For two and half years, under the highly-skilled tutelage of the craftsperson, he learned the complex art of leather crafting by hand, determined to master centuries-old techniques that demand precision and patience.

This learning process refined Peter Nitz’s vision: his own atelier where he would shape and stitch the finest available skins entirely by hand and accent them with beautiful jewelry to create unique and precious handbags. The passion for perfecting his craft took him to several continents in a quest for the best producers of exotic skins, linen thread, hardware and other materials vital to the art of leatherworking. This journey ultimately lead him to fulfilling his dream: the launch of his own eponymous label. Peter Nitz Zurich – exquisite creations that blend rare skins and gems with sophisticated design and exceptional hand-craftsmanship.